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Learn hard things together.


A founder-only Slack community with intentionally crafted conversation starters, and reimagined organisation of startup resources and people.

Nano Cohorts ⚡️

Bring your hardest problem to a time-based learning experience in small groups with other founders and seasoned mentors from the world's top startups, grow faster.


Receive personalised intros and recommendations based on the learning experience of founders similar to you but 1 year ahead.

Featured nano cohort ⚡️

Fix your startup's #1 bottleneck together.

Get fast and personalised feedback from veteran founders and make 1 great business decisions.

Upgrade lead gen, budgeting & hiring for long cycles.

Turn product usage into predictable revenue.

Double down in your core profitability lever.

Talk to 60-80 investors to close 1-3.

  • Time commitment: 1-hour weekly, 8 weeks
  • Mentors: 5 founders who raised $400mil+ in the past 5 years

Increase in-app conversion by 10-20% 

Crack virality for your casual game.

Built by founders, for founders


We never record calls so that you can feel safe to ask the difficult questions, and each member of our community will only ever be a founder - just like you.


Always-on curated learning space just for founders, including subject-matter Nano Cohorts ⚡️, on-demand content, and guest mentors and coaches.


We review every membership upon sign up and then every 2 months to verify all members are currently full-time startup founders (or part-time startup founders who have at least 1 full-time co-founder).

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