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San Francisco grade startup conversations and connections, regardless of your location, in a founders-only app.

Available on iOS

Operated by founders, for founders


Calls are not recorded, non-founders can't join the app, and you have the option to browse the app anonymously or reveal your personal info to other members.


High leverage daily conversations in audio and text format, curated by founders, filterable by category, location, industry, and funding stage.


We review every membership upon sign up and then every 2 months to verify all members are currently full-time startup founders (or part-time startup founders who have at least 1 full-time co-founder).

Learning Loop

Audio and text-based conversations

No noise, all signal

Join or start high-leverage audio rooms around what's top of mind for you, and talk to founders like you and those one year ahead of you

Audio room agenda and/or rules

Founder time is expensive. As a community of founders, we hold each other accountable in specifying sufficient information about an audio call, prior to the call, to keep the conversation productive for everyone joining the call.

Diverse founder community

We actively onboard and engage founders from various industries, locations, and funding stages to keep the network net positive for every member.

Meticulous community management

Founders's safe space

After we verify every member's identity, members can choose to show or hide their identity from the rest of the community; on a platform level (possible now) or content leve (coming soon). We think of this as a non-cryptographic implementation of zero-knowledge proof and actively innovate in scaling up privacy. 

Audio calls are not recorded 

We actively remind users not to share founder-generated content externally

Every member is verified to be a founder

You can show or hide your identity within the app

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